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Welly Village - eHealth and Wearable Devices

Welly Village - eHealth and Wearable Devices

Welly Village
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Next generation lifestyle through
wearable devices

Track your activities. Improve your wellness.
Stay motivated!

What is Welly Village? - eHealth and Wearable Devices

Welly Village is a platform, developed around the eHealth world and wearable devices, aiming at improving the lifestyle of its users. It’s a platform that helps you reach a more healthy lifestyle. It’s an app that connects the dots.


Nowadays there are numerous apps that track your activity, how many steps did you take, measure your heart rate, keep track of your weight, give you info about how you slept,… But they all live on their own island.


Welly Village connects them all in one platform.

Net Wise progetto Welly Village

Instead of every time pushing you towards buying a new device, Welly Village lets you keep on using the ones you have! Go running with you Apple watch or Garmin, track your heart rate with your Fitbit, controle your weight with your Withings smart scale, measure how well you slept with your Fitbit,… Welly Village gathers all the data in just ONE platform.


Welly Village, Community Village - eHealth and Wearable Devices

  • Connect with people
  • challenge each other and share goals
  • get advice from a professional coach, nutritionist,… on a personalised program
  • reach out to medical specialist
  • grab advantages and reduced insurance rates
  • collect Welly points to buy products in affiliated store
Net Wise progetto Welly Village

Approach - eHealth and Wearable Devices

Welly Village originated from an R&D project performed by our partner Thread Solutions.

We worked on developing the entire design: from the logo and brand identity to the user experience and user interface design. For the entire project we followed a user-centered design approach involving users in an iterative process that still continues today.

Together we shaped the idea of possible strategies. Once concretised, a digital marketing strategy was moulded into place. We developed a plan covering a period of three years. For every step of the plan we defined the approach, reach, expected engagement, expected cost and return.


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