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Design & creativity

Design & creativity

There are no problems but only new opportunities to discover.


Our goal is to dig out those opportunities, together with our clients and their users (user-centered design), to digitally transform our customers' businesses and generate value for all its stakeholders.


Whether it is a digital product or a service, articulated between the physical and digital world, we transform business problems into opportunities that align business objectives with the needs and expectations of its users.






What's in our toolbox:


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Web and App design

A good web / app design will lead to higher transaction rates, higher engagement and greater customer satisfaction. Following a user-centered design approach, by involving users into an iterative process, we design user experiences that meet stakeholders needs and expectations.

Service design

User Experience doesn't only apply for the digital world. Taking in consideration all the touch-points and elements with which users interact, we choose a holistic approach. Using service design thinking we redefine your customer's experience, generating an added value and enriching the relationship your audience has with your business' reality and services.

UX & UI design

User eXperience and User Interface design are two sides of the same coin. Both contribute to make the use of a product unforgettable or not. We shape your digital product through visual design making them unique, functional, and pleasant to use by taking into consideration the user, its context and paying maximum attention to accessibility.

User research

A good design starts from research. To design an experience that reaches the goals of your brand while meeting user’s needs and expectations, we start from research in order to define design objectives and the related strategy.

Through a user-centered design approach we carry out in-depth research and analysis of the target to create a product able to effectively dialogue with your customers while creating value.


Building a website or app is like building a house. You don’t start designing before you have defined its structure. Solid foundations with a well analysed structure will last longer.
We turn user research results into information architectures, wireframes and navigation flows that meet the needs and expectations of your users.


Some projects are complex and need a prototype in order to get the big picture and be efficient in developing it all. Using an Agile approach we start with building a prototype on which we can test design and functionalities together with potential users and actively involving the customer. This allows us to see what works and what not.

Brand identity

Every brand and every company needs its identity. It represents who they are. It will allow them to distinguish themselves from their competition. We help brands create that identity.

Logo design

It’s not all about the colours. A company's logo is part of its identity, it’s what most people will remember. We study what your company does and start designing your logo.

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