Who We Are

At the very heart of who we are is our passion for keeping pace with the ever-changing world of creative and technical development. Our ability to listen, understand, interpret and implement targeted solutions for our clients, and their subsequent satisfaction, demonstrates that we're a reliable and effective partner.


1999 foundation

After a short incubation period, Net Wise was formed, created by two partners from the Faculty of Science at the University of Trento who witnessed the birth of the World Wide Web within the academic setting and were able to experience its first pioneering technologies.

2007 transformation

Net Wise grew in size, becoming a limited company with more than 10 employees and a number of large project contracts. Our reputation spread via local and foreign clients alike, which resulted in more work. Fast-paced developments in the World Wide Web made this a very challenging time!

2011+ evolution

Due to further growth, Net Wise acquired extra sales, marketing and graphic design support and increased the workforce to over 20, including employees and contractors, enabling us to continue to compete on the international market and meet more complex demands from clients.

... on-going


Our team consists of more than 20 professionals skilled in web and mobile technologies and graphic design, many with over a decade of experience working with the internet, mobile technologies and marketing.


Net Wise provides services on a local and an international level. Locally, we work with a variety of clients from small and medium-sized enterprises in various sectors, to public administration, in particular Italy's strong tourism industry. On an international level, we provide services to countries such as Ireland, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Malta and France in which we're regarded as a software house for complex niche projects, and appreciated for the quality of our graphic design.

Our clients include: Trento Craftsmen Assosiation, Municipality of Trento, various offices of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Chamber of Commerce of Trento, Trento City Library, Green Building Council Italia, ITEA S.p.a., Edilbeton Trento S.p.a., Order of Journalists of Trentino Alto Adige, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trentino Sviluppo S.p.a, S.A.I.T., Consorzio Melinda, Trentino Marketing S.p.a., Informatica Trentina S.p.a., Unifarm S.p.a., several Municipalities of Trentino, Associazione Agriturismo Trentino, Springer and many more in Italy, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Malta, France.

Work For Us

Net  Wise is always on the lookout for motivated individuals who are keen to develop their professional skills in web, mobile, software and communications. If you think you're a good match, please send your resume and references to cv@netwise.it.

We Are Compassionate

As a responsible and compassionate company, we decided not to spend money on presents at special occasions throughout the year, choosing to donate to worthy causes instead.

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